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Yes, yes you are...

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No sharing?! Sounds like a boring time! How else will I get to maximize my enjoyment of the menu?

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I didn't know Bourdain, but I didn't move on five minutes after the news, either. Today is the fifth anniversary of his death. I don't mind if people want to call him Tony. He's one of those rare people who deserve to have the first-name only honorific. RIP.

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Well put. And I only realized after posting this that it was the fifth anniversary of his death. Surely a well loved and very much missed personality.

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@James - this made me giggle. I don’t laugh often (if at all on Substack). So well done. At the risk of being the irksome substackerati audience member, some (hopefully playful) responses:

1. Set menus FTW (Arby’s counts)

2. Set menus FTW

3. sundayapp.com

4. Why aren’t the specials written down? My thought is so you inadvertently agree to an expensive item. No way you remember all the specials and the prices.

5. Tipping 25% on that 400% markup?! 😝

6. Died at this

7. Come on man we all love the bear -- yes chef!!

8. Awful

9. Michelin * -- the Michelin man eat the rest of your portion

10. So situational - nothing like next day leftovers for the right cuisine!!

11. Dessert’s what we all came for!!

Cheers -- CGM

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