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damn this one is a banger. love this style

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Give me a chance to defeat the coronavirus on a global scale

How hepatitis B was defeated in 3.5 months is asymptomatic. As I found out, I did 3 tests for AIDS hepatitis. The first analysis before hospitalization in mid-November 2021 was negative, the second analysis before hospitalization to another hospital in early February 2022 found antibodies to hepatitis B, the third analysis at will was negative in early March 2022. I did the tests in a respected laboratory where all polyclinics and hospitals of the city of Almetyevsk do a similar analysis in the laboratory at the polyclinic speedcenter. The coronavirus won in 2 days in August in severe form with symptoms. 33 polyclinic of the city knows when I got sick, when I recovered, and the fact that I was sick with coronavirus, I can present the result of PCR analysis.

I can transfer the ability to kill the virus to people. Only a specific virus

This medicine is created using my immune cells and is artificially cloned

You don't want a repeat of the script of the 2013 Korean film VIRUS. But only this will be a pandemic of the disease on a global scale.

Photos of the test results of five immunograms in three t-cells exceeded in abs.number /ml made for free.The first immunogram was paid for by 33 polyclinics and the second was done at the request of a local immunologist 20 days later, he was also interested in my tests. There were indicators a little more modest, but they were also exceeded and I did the third one at will the next day, as I had some kind of cold, the indicators were also exceeded, the second and third analyses were paid for by the hospital where I did the first analysis. They wondered why my t cells were exceeded. In the fourth and fifth they are exceeded by 10 * 9 / l and in % everything is normal. After nine tests according to the leukoformula, lymphocytes are elevated, neutrophils are lowered and leukocytes are normal. The analysis of autoimmune diseases was done to prove that I do not suffer from this disease. An immunologist's consultation, his office is located in 3 polyclinics. Two of the six tests for antibodies to coronavirus in the penultimate analysis were 316 BAU/ ML made 6 months after vaccination and in the last blood test 240 BAU/ ML made one and a half years after repeated vaccination. There are six invitations to the Immunology Center in Kazan. I will send all these photos in a PDF file if desired. I can't send you more than fifty general blood tests done in five years. That I don't have blood cancer.

How did I achieve such immunity? I eat five times a day.I only eat healthy food. My mother is an old-age pensioner cook by profession.I do not work due to disability.I do not play sports due to illness, all sports are contraindicated. I'm not getting tough

My immune system is in a constant state of stress because I suffer from three diseases, two of which are rare and incurable, and the third is fatal. I can die at any moment.

Help me make a cure for coronavirus from my immune system

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Couldn’t stand avocado as a kid and now it’s all♥️! As a Ghanaian I can confirm that the spongy bread was in fact pounded plantain rolled into a ball. It’s known as fufu and rightfully slurped with soup🥣

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That's right! It was called Fufu!! How could I forget :)

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